Trellis Over Entry Way
      Beautiful Entry Way Into God's House
      Right Side Of Sanctuary/Altar
      Baptismal Fount
      Where Young And Old Are Welcomed Into God's Family
      Dedicated To All The Unborn
      Family/Cry Room
      Where Families With New Borns Can Celebrate Mass
      Sacred Chrism, Oil Of The Sick And Oil of Catechumens are stored
      Tabernacle in Blessed Sacrament Chapel
      Left Side Of Sanctuary/Altar
      The Dome
      Gathering Place For Receptions, Partys And Meetings
      Gathering Place After Mass To Socialize
    • Welcome
      Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish community is administered by the Carmelite's and guided by the Bishop of the Diocese of Sacramento.

      This Catholic community's mission is to create the opportunities and atmosphere for meaningful worship, sound teaching, spiritual growth, faith formation, and an active witnessing of the Gospel to surrounding areas.

      In a spirit of Christian hospitality and friendship, the community follows the mandate of Christ to reach out to others especially in their time of need.

      We encourage lay participation, and actively respond to the changing needs and demands of our time. May God give us the grace to fulfill this mission to the best of our abilities.
    • Saint Vincent de Paul Society
      Our Saint Vincent de Paul Society members work very diligently to help the local needy
      with food and emergency needs. YOU CAN HELP TOO by bringing nonperishable
      food donations & placing them in the donation box in the Dome lobby (outside of
      the restrooms). Thank you!!! 707.422.5209
    • Perpetual Eucharist Adoration
      Thank you to all who  came, and prayers to those, that could not come......this 
      in accordance  with the "Thank You's"  at the beginning of the evening.

      The meeting was well attended, and after opening prayers we went right down to 
      We discussed the importance of having all spots, especially the early morning  
      hours and the late night hours  filled with two Adorers. Realizing, that this 
      is  not an easy task, we asked everybody to work on solutions:  ask a friend, a 
      family member, a co-worker, to come and sign up for one of these critical hours, 
      or come with you, if you are not comfortable with being there all by yourself.  
      To further  lighten up this situation  was  the fact, that Fr. David had an 
      Alarm System installed, which  brings the Police right to the Chapel after you 
      push one of the buttons, located at the entrance door and at the Emergency Exiit 
      at the chapel room.  We also hope, that we could defuse the rumor, that a Goast 
      is in the house....  Furthermore, we made the group aware of the fact, that 
      there is a working telephone in the bed room across from the chapel, to be used 
      for Emergency calls only.  

      Another painful  situation is that some committed Adorers are not showing up for 
      their Holy Hour, or do not make arrangements to have their hour covered by some 
      one else.It was claimed,  that it takes a lot of effort to find someone to  fill in, 
      basically by not answering their phones or emails.  We made it clear, that 
      communication is a vital part  for the functioning of Perpetual Adoration.  It is important 
      for all of us, to answer our phones and emails, to check them frequently, to be 
      on the ball !! One day you might be the one to ask for help, and then you are the one waiting 
      for answers. Make your arrangements early if possible, ask the people around 
      your schedule (in all directions) for help, call your hourly coordinator, your 
      division leader, the Substitute Coordinator, call me, Anita; we are all here to 
      help you.

      We talked about to pay attention when signing up for your Holy Hour:  if you are 
      a committed Adorer, use that sign up sheet. If you are a guest, please use the 
      guest sheet..You are also a guest when you come outside your committed hour.  
      Confusion arrises when we transfer the sign in sheets to another ledger  
      desIgned for the Bishop.

      We  brought back to attention , and asked you to frequently check your Adorers 
      Information Packet, which has an answer to all your questions.  It says in there
      among other things: 
      be on time 
      always have replacements ready
      check your messages                                                            
      check the board in the chapel
      sign in at the right sheet
      say your prayers
      communicate, communicate                                                 
      communicate, communicate
      to not make extra work for the Pastor
      eating, drinking, cell phones, sleeping 
      use common sense for all we do
      Do not 
      do to others, what you do not want
      to be done 
      to you.

      We announced that the Librarians are working on a collection of Testimonials and 
      Petitions, written by Adorers into the books that are available at the Chapel.
      Two or three of these testimonials will be published from time to time in the 
      Bulletion or on the web site, to show to parishioners, who are not yet Adorers, 
      what a powerful tool  for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration these statements are.. 
      All this will be done with greatest respect for your privacy. 

      We talked almost about everything that was brought to our attention through your 
      comments in the Suggestion Box.  Here are a few more:
      Two of the Bibles in the library are not Catholic  Bibles.  They will be 

      Suggestion: if you bring books into the Library, do not put them into the 
      shelves; they will be marked and put into place by one of our Librarians. Do not 
      bring publications from other organisations, please.
      There should always be a Suggestion Box...... Good idea. We will have a box in 
      the Library, it will be checked  every other week.
      Change the Chapel to sit sideways, not facing the door.  Unfortunately,  that is 
      not possible. The chapel was designed to have room for the Blessed Sacrament and 
      the red Light.  The niche is just beautiful. And sitting sideways will make you 
      turn your head to see who is coming in. That .would even be a bigger 

      We ended the meeting with the hope, that most questions were answered, that  PEA 
      brings even more peace, understanding, patience and tolerance to our parish, and 
      that we as Children of God are there for each other.
    • Book Of Life

      We NOW have a BOOK OF LIFE
      to be utilized by all of our parishoners
      since there are not enough
      days for our MASS INTENTIONS
      to be offered, subsequently, our
      Book of Life will work in the
      following manner:
      (1) All intentions, either for the living or the deceased,
      can now be celebrated on the requested
      date (i.e. a birthday, or an anniversary,
      a special intention) and be entered in
      this very viable Book Of Life.
      (2) All Mass intentions will be honored as required
      for dates already posted. This decorative
      BOOK will be placed near the ALTAR
      and all intentions will be added as needed.
      (3) Please see Carol in the Parish Office to enter
      your particular requests or if you have questions
      about our Book of Life.
      (4) A donation may accompany your request.
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